Ladytron – Black Cat


Ladytron are probably my most highly rated band still in operation. Well, it’s between them and Massive Attack. Imagine my sheer joy when this new track appeared on the Hype Machine’s most popular list. Black Cat is the opener from their fourth LP, Velocifero. Released June 3, it follows up Witching Hour (my fave album of ’05), and by the showing of this track promises a great deal. Similar to Fighting In Built Up Areas this is sung in Mira’s native Bulgarian, but unlike that track this has a greater warmth to it. This could prove a whole new world for the quartet: could the days of icy narratives be gone? Christ I’m looking forward to this album.

Ladytron – Black Cat


8 Responses

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who considers Ladytron to be anywhere near the “most highly rated band still in operation”. That’d be a stretch, from the most objective of viewpoints. They’re not bad, but the world isn’t waiting for what they’re gonna do next–nor should it.

  2. You know what–as I posted that, I reread your post, and realized that what I’d interpreted as “Ladytron are probably THE most highly rated …” was actually “MY most highly rated band”. And that’s different. To each one’s own. I’ve always liked ’em–albeit not as you seem to do.

    Please feel free to delete both my comments, as they’re misguided and pointless.


  3. I’m not going to delete ’em…comments are hard enough to come by as it is! You are right though, it would be a stretch for anyone to call Ladytron THE most highly rated band in existence, I guess that would be Radiohead…

    Always good to slip into hyperbole though, eh. Makes the music writing world go round!

  4. Radiohead would be my pick, too, even though they’re not my personal “favorite”.

    I suppose it really is all subjective.

  5. Ladytron ARE the most highly rated band in existence.
    Without doubt 🙂

  6. Highly rated or not, Black Cat is a great track – a definite step up from their previous material.

  7. After Velocifero leaked over the weekend, I can say with definite clarity that the album follows the quality of Black Cat, standout tune for me is Runaway. Can’t wait for their London show next month!

  8. The whole album has been up on MySpace, and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s complex and interesting. There are lots of creative synth and percussive elements. And, Mira actually SINGS on tracks (e.g. Deep Blue) instead of just the sing-speak to which she is normally confined. I think this is an exceptional album. And, it just so happens that I think Ladytron are terribly under-rated band. They are absolutely MY favorite act going right now, too. Long live Helen, Mira, Danny and Reuben! xx

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