Fridays FTW #6

I write this as the results of the London Mayoral contest are announced, so this week’s FTW is colour-coded for the main parties!

Coldplay – Politick
Yes, there are other elections taking place in the world. I’m looking at you the USA. Whereas the race for the Whitehouse is undoubtedly more important for the planet, I live in London and to be honest this vote will affect my day to day life much more. There is also the Zimbabwe controvesy; something that I have paid more attention to than the Democrat race over the pond. So here we are: politics!

New Order – Blue Monday
As I write, it seems more and more likely that come Monday, London will be a Conservative-run city. This follows eight years of Ken Livingston, a man who introduced bendy buses, backed the 2012 Olympics and oversaw the introduction of our Oyster card. He’s been in charge a year longer than I’ve even been here. Quite how everything changes in roughly ten minutes time, I’m not sure. If Boris Johnson wins, I hope he backs up some of the things he has promised: less crime, better transport, and creating a healthier London.

Born Ruffians – Red Elephant
For my voting life Labour have been the party in power. Their victory in 1997 was almost revolutionary, a true landslide. Elephantine, even. They even created the post of London Mayor. There is no doubt that Ken Livingstone has done good things for London, and he has a real passion for the city: certainly more than Boris. But there are so many things in this city that could be better: it could be safer, it certainly could be friendlier, it needs to be healthier. It is time for someone else to have a crack.

Stereolab – Fiery Yellow
The Liberal Democrats. Once the powerhouse of British politics, the modern party has sought to transform British politics to a three-way battle. So far, they remain steadfastly third in general, but over yesterday’s council elections they won a greater percentage than Labour. For me they are a party of great names: Vince Cable, Lembit Opik, Menzies Campbell, but little personality.  

Goldfrapp – Crystalline Green
In an ideal world, the Green party could form an effective political power in the UK. Unfortunately, London is far from an ideal world.

That’s enough of politics I guess. Back to the music next post, I promise.

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