Fridays FTW #3

Estelle – American Boy
Possibly the only time you will find the current number one residing on WoW. A great tune from Estelle, although I’m not sure its as good as 1980, her previous hit single from a couple of years back. It is good though.

Timabland – Way I Are
Despite frankly awful grammar, Timbaland manages to squirm his way through a simply brilliant tune. A slinky bassline and some sulky-sounding flow make this tune difficult to dislodge from the section of my brain labelled ‘catchy’.

Holy Fuck – Royal Gregory
I’ll admit, it’s the profanity laden name that drew me in. I’m a sucker for the f-word. Just ask the football team I play with on Wednesdays, this week saw another full volume tourette-style spewing forth of the beloved four letter exagerrator following a disgraceful defensive lapse leaving me on my arse and the ball rolling slowly goal bound. The tune on the other hand is a Hot Chip-esque stompfest, at turns melodic and listless. The rest of their eponymous debut is worth a listen, too. 

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Fixed
Do you like UK hip-hop? You shouldn’t it’s fucking rubbish… So readeth the gospel according Stanford-le-Hope’s premier poet Scroobius Pip, backed up by his beat-belching buddy Dan Le Sac. This track formed one of the highlights of their set last week at 21 South Street, Reading. Formed of a diatribe against the paucity of quality in UK hip-hop (more pop hits than art) laid over the spanking beats of Dizzee Rascal’s Fix Up Look Sharp. Their long-awaited debut Angles is out in May and becomes one of my most anticipated releases of 2008, out on Sunday Best.

Clinic – The Witch (Made To Measure)
Beserk single from Clinic’s recent LP, Do It!  Went down a treat at their 229 Club gig this week, where the Scouse band really plunged the knife into my agony over Tuesday’s football result by striding on to You’ll Never Walk Alone. After having forgiven them for that, they then declared that before playing classics such as Walking With Thee, The Magician and The Second Line they were going to play Do It!  in one fell swoop. I’m not a fan of that form of gig. The second bit was ace though.


2 Responses

  1. Re Wingrove’s full volume tourette-style verbal offerings during Wednesday football.

    As one of his fellow team mates and frequent but of said verbal offerings I can testify
    to it’s true fuckfull nature.

    Don’t even help if you put him in goal…

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