Selected Releases: Monday 24 March


Mystery Jets
Twenty One

The Raconteurs
Consolers Of
The Lonely


Does It Offend
You, Yeah?

You Have No Idea…

The Whip
X Marks Destination

Son Lux
At War With Walls
And Mazes


Rameses III

Daniel Menche
Glass Forest

O. Rodriguez-Lopez
The Apocalypse
Inside An Orange


If nothing else, this weeks’ releases have some awesome cover art, check out Daniel Menche, Rameses III, Guillemots and Mystery Jets and Son Lux in particular. Album of the week is Foals’ debut effort, leaked so long ago that it almost doesn’t qualify as a new release.Whilst album leaks are great it does lessen the anticipation of big new releases: for shame I remember the massive thrill of getting Oasis’ Be Here Now on the day of release back in 1997. Those days are long gone. Musically, this week is dominated by some of the indie scene’s middle players; both Guillemots and Mystery Jets serving up their sophomore LPs. Guillemots will be hoping to emulate the success of 2006’s Mercury-nominated Through The Windowpane with Red, while Mystery Jets (who reside a mere float upstream from here on Eel Pie Island) soldier on amongst stories of them firing Harry Harrison, the lead vocalist Blaine’s father to offer Twenty One. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez takes some time off from The Mars Volta to turn out what sounds to me pretty much the same gear, all long twiddly bits and garbled vocals. The Raconteurs attempt to ‘stick it to the man’ by announcing and releasing a record in a matter of days. Annoyingly named Does It Offend You, Yeah? ride the swelling hype-wave to put out a record of enjoyable cliches, and The Whip release X Marks Destination, containing the blistering singles Trash and Sister Siam. 

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Battle Royale
Foals – Balloons
Son Lux – Breaks
The Whip – Sister Siam


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