Selected Releases: Monday March 10


Hercules & Love Affair

Oracular Spectacular

The Kills
Midnight Boom

Grand Archives
The Grand Archives

Thee Silver Mt Zion…
13 Blues For
Thirteen Moons

Young Knives

Get Cape.
Wear Cape. Fly
Searching For The
Hows and Whys


The Twilight Singers
A Stitch In Time


Baltic Fleet

Bleeding Heart
All That Was


The Low Lows
Shining Violence


Adam Green
Sixes And Sevens

A great set of releases this week, the highlights for me are the Baltic Fleet album I blathered about last week, the Twilight Singers EP featuring Mark Lanegan on vocals, and the disco-fabulous Hercules & Love Affair, an LP picking up ‘Record Of The Week’ accolades everywhere. Elsewhere, MGMT have been generating hype amongst the press and Silver Mt Zion keep Constellation fans in sumptuous record packaging, and the tremendous U.R.A. Fever gets an LP release on The Kills’ Midnight Boom. Ex-Moldy Peaches annoyance Adam Green regurgitates would is likely to be another slab o’shite, and NME-darlings Young Knives attempt to better 2006’s patchy Voices of Animals and Men. Perhaps the most exciting thing, and album of the week is the Bleeding Heart Narrative CD, a limited sewn (!) edition of 200, outdoing Constellation in fancy sleeves is going some!

Hercules & Love Affair – Blind
MGMT – Electric Feel
The Kills – U.R.A. Fever


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