Live Review: Los Campesinos! at Kingston Works

First things first, The Works is a dive. Housed in a cavernous space in the centre of teen-drinking capital, Kingston, the club looks like it is more used to nights of ‘banging’ house and bland Euro-trance than be-cardiganned indie hordes. Because of this, the stage is cramped and the sound is truly dreadful. On the upside, big kudos to Banquet for trying something like this in the otherwise barren music landscape that makes up South-West London.The first couple of bands grab my attention, but in the wrong way. The openers, 4 or 5 Magicians unfortunately sounded too bland, and their banter went on too long. Next up were Johnny Foreigner, who to be honest weren’t much better. The four people I’d dragged with me on the promise of good music were distinctly unimpressed, and we retired halfway through their set to a nearby quiz machine…

My credibility as a font of musical knowledge lay squarely in the seven Welsh laps of Los Campesinos! who thankfully did not let me down. Barely fitting on the tiny stage, they set about making a mockery of the soundsystem, glockenspiel notes ringing clearly through the fuzz, Gareth and Aleks yelping and soothing the lyrics. Already leaked to the net, and the band not seeming too mind too much, a great chunk of debut LP, Hold On Now, Youngster, was played and devoured by the enthusiastic crowd.

The singles-so-far provided the obvious highlights, Death to Los Campesinos! and International Tweexcore Underground sounded fantastic, with the undeniable pinnacle being reached with the superb You! Me! Dancing!.  The band ended with old favourite Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks ringing through the massive space, triumphant in the knowledge that their album, illegally gained or not, worked wonders live.

MP3: You! Me! Dancing!
Download here / Buy here


One Response

  1. Yep you are right the venue is crap (and smells really really nasty) Los Campesinos! were great.

    But the highlight for me was seeing how far Wingrove can lob a half empty bottle after a kebab
    (plastic on to waste land, well railway line, so no anti-social behaviour PC police needed here thanks)

    See yer at the next new-slang!

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